Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Return to the Fatherland

Back in The Fatherland. Is it good to be back? Lemme see...yes and no. Try getting a job...most of my friends are out of work, working part time or had their work hours decreased, or underemployed. I already have my job worked out, so that's not a worry.
I just don't know how long I can last here. There has been a rash of crimes in the satellite cities around where I live. It is the typical black-on-black crime where niggas be shooting niggas over $10 or their street rep, knowwhati'msayin'? Same old shit year in and year out, century in and century out. As Franz Fanon would say,"Niggers killing niggers on a Saturday night. The mayor of one particularly fucksated city had the kanakas to wave away the problem by saying that it was happening in other cities around the state as well. A very big FUCK YOU to you, Mr. Mayor-who-can't-be-speaking-English-right-knowwhati'msayin'?
Went into the local warehouse shopping store. Chinese man walks past with greasy unwashed hair and dandruff on the collar of his cornflower blue member's only jacket.
Get 2 gallons of milk and a dozen and a half eggs. Big Black Buck is checking the items. It rings up to something like $10.29. Hilarity ensues:
"uhm...the milk is two for $5 and the eggs are $2.79...that's not $10.29."
He points to the labels on the milk...they are both blue, but one is 1% and the other is 2% milk. Both are on sale for 2 for $5, so what's the problem. So, I said, "Ok...ring up two gallons of the 2% milk and I'll switch them after I pay."
He attempts to do so, but the total comes out higher.
"That can't be right. "
"See, I took of the milk and added the other one."
"I want two gallons of milk for $5 and the eggs are $2.79...That's $7.79."
This was too much for him and he stared at me like I was speaking Korean to him.
Homeless looking guy eating a muffin behind me says something about switching the milks...people are waiting...I told him to shut up and eat his muffin. BBB needed to fix the problem.
Of course, I was wrong in that I should have had two milk gallons of the same kind, but if both are two for $5, what's the fucking problem? Finally BBB gets it worked out and I want to pay for it with a debit card. BBB asks if I want cash back and I tell him that I want $40. He rings it up, hands me the receipt for $47.79 and nothing else; he starts ringing up the next customer.
"Can I have my $40 please? He says nothing to me, obviously humiliated because he cant be understandin' 2nd grade math and shit, he just calls over the manager and tells her that he owes me $40. The manager opens the register and BBB hands me the $ sorry, no thank you. Whatever...I thought about saying something, but was afraid I'd get shanked later.

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