Monday, July 12, 2010

Lost in California

I haven't been blogging. My life here is way less exciting than it was in Korea. I haven't been in since January. Everytime I think about...daydream about moving back I think of all the Koreans and all their dirty and mean-spirited behaviors and I wince. Korea would be a great place to live if they Koreans stopped all the low-class, miseducated, and retarded things they do...I won't list them; if you live in Korea, you know.
This hot chick's last post was on the wives' tales/uneducated/miseducted/ignorant/try-cause-someone-told-me things that Koreans will say.
Well put, but I would like to add how all Koreans are the is like they are all preprogramed with response and comments...yes, all of them. Amongst the things that all Koreans know with metaphisical certainty:
-Korean food is too spicy for you
-You are incapable of understanding Korean "culture"
-You dont speak Korean

What was the point of the post? Oh yah, you're stoned.
I do not, any longer, feel that California is home to me. What it is home to includes a whole lotta people who are not like me. No one speaks English here anymore. Unemployment exceeds 10%.
I am bored now with this post.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Korean idiot of the week

I came across this ad online. What a moran. I was going to attempt a stab at humor, but this is just one of those stupid-koreans-have-no-idea-about-English moments.

Job Title:
English native teachers
Located at:
Gwangyang (South Korea)
5 or more
$2000000 KRW
English native with Bachelor Degree and higher
Required fields of expertise: ESL/EFL Details:Must have a Legal Working status for South Korea to apply! Round air ticket. Housing. Assisting Health Insurance and Pension. Severance added. 7-32days Vacation. Bar with Aliens, Espresso, Shopping Mall.

Fucking retards

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Stocks are up, pants are down

The actress...thanks, bro, for leaving the comment. I had forgotten all about that. I have a picture of her and I will block out the eyes and post it, along with a story. I might even post about my new Asian non-Korean girlfriend I have been going out with.

I wrote a post on February 25th about trading stocks. I bought and sold Micron Technologies (MU). I made a nice little profit. I have been buying and selling it nearly daily for the past 3 weeks. It closed at $10.21 today. I am up nearly $1900 in less than a week. I suggest that you guys look into it. The chip maker is looking at an advantageous selling environment and DRAM and NAND demand is up. 6-month Target Price is supposedly at $15.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

No one reads this piece of shit anymore

Thinking of shutting the blog down. No one reads it anymore. But Cowgirl in Korea reads it and I would love to Cowgirl her, reverse and otherwise. She is one hot hottie of cacasianality. I might have to break my Asians-only policy of dating. Who is still reading this blog?

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Get that fucking Korean piece of shit away from my driveway

Someone parked a beaten up old Hyundai in front of my house last week. It made me feel violent. I seriously wanted to smash the car; not sure what that was all about. It was a little bit over my driveway which pissed me off too. I would have beat some DAK up if he had gotten into his car and said, "Solly" to me for his transgression.

Bored today. Went for my morning run. Cleaned the outside of both sides of the house. I am getting ready for a business trip to Arizona. I will drive the Porsche there. I'll take a shitload of pictures and show you when I get back.

I helped an old woman push her...whatever those mini cars are that look like the Mini Morris from Austin Powers...up the block and gave her my parking space. Some high school kids joined in. Her transmission fluid was either gone or her transmission was fucked cause it would not move in first or second gear. We parked her car and she was sobbing. I gave her a hug. She called AAA.
Do something nice for someone if only because no one else will do it. It's good karma. But don't do it for Koreans...they wont say thank you or even appreciate it. That's so pathetic. Open a door for a Korean sometime. They'll walk through the door like you are the fucking bellhop.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Cry have been victimized again

The same judge who disqualified Kim, Dong-sung in Salt Lake in 2002 just DQed the Korean team from the Gold they thought they had won in women's 3000 short track. I feel so sorry for believe me, right?

Koreans will never be better than Ono at speedskating. As a matter of fact, Koreans are not even good at short track; it's just that they are good at pushing, shoving, and jumping the queue...the fact that they are on skates comes in a distant 2nd. Koreans will never be as cool as Apolo Anton Ono. He is not fit to stand on the podium with you, that dickhead said? You couldn't even hold this guy's soul patch, my kimchee-fueled friend. This is the most decorated Winter Olympian in the history of the Winter Olympics. Only a Korean would say that about the podium nand Ono.

Everyone be careful out in Korea today. Koreans are gonna be pissed. They have yet another reason to hate foreigners. They actually enjoy the kind of pain that comes with playing the victim; but it brings out their 화병, too. Hwa Byung is a Korean word for Anger Sickness. It is just one more of the national mental illnesses that Koreans all suffer from. It is that anger than flashes over them and they cannot control it...much similar to a 3 year old having a temper tantrum.

You are a target in Korea for a multitude of things: staring, sex, inappropriate touching, cheating, stupid questions, instant friendship, and violence. They are pissed. I predict more aggressive behavior towards foreigners for a few weeks. Exercise caution.