Monday, July 12, 2010

Lost in California

I haven't been blogging. My life here is way less exciting than it was in Korea. I haven't been in since January. Everytime I think about...daydream about moving back I think of all the Koreans and all their dirty and mean-spirited behaviors and I wince. Korea would be a great place to live if they Koreans stopped all the low-class, miseducated, and retarded things they do...I won't list them; if you live in Korea, you know.
This hot chick's last post was on the wives' tales/uneducated/miseducted/ignorant/try-cause-someone-told-me things that Koreans will say.
Well put, but I would like to add how all Koreans are the is like they are all preprogramed with response and comments...yes, all of them. Amongst the things that all Koreans know with metaphisical certainty:
-Korean food is too spicy for you
-You are incapable of understanding Korean "culture"
-You dont speak Korean

What was the point of the post? Oh yah, you're stoned.
I do not, any longer, feel that California is home to me. What it is home to includes a whole lotta people who are not like me. No one speaks English here anymore. Unemployment exceeds 10%.
I am bored now with this post.