Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Stocks are up, pants are down

The actress...thanks, bro, for leaving the comment. I had forgotten all about that. I have a picture of her and I will block out the eyes and post it, along with a story. I might even post about my new Asian non-Korean girlfriend I have been going out with.

I wrote a post on February 25th about trading stocks. I bought and sold Micron Technologies (MU). I made a nice little profit. I have been buying and selling it nearly daily for the past 3 weeks. It closed at $10.21 today. I am up nearly $1900 in less than a week. I suggest that you guys look into it. The chip maker is looking at an advantageous selling environment and DRAM and NAND demand is up. 6-month Target Price is supposedly at $15.

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