Monday, February 22, 2010

Back in the Fatherland going on four weeks now

"I am so vely,vely jealous-eh, because you country is #1 and Korea...all the way down. We have-eh the dirty Asians here. ㅠㅠ. So I sad, but HATE more than sad! So all I can do is give you the fuck you pinger, because I am filled with uncontrollable envy for your country. I have-eh the 화병."

화병 is the 'anger sickness' that Koreans have...that ALL Koreans have. We have all seen it; a Korean flips the fuck out over almost nothing.

I haven't seen that in four weeks as I am back home in the wonderful state of California. But all is not lollipops and blow jobs here, dear readers, the state is fucked. December unemployment rate was 10.2%. Seriously not good. And that figure doesn't count those discouraged and not actively seeking employment, those underemployed, and those forced to work part time. Not everyone is from a wealthy family. Which comes to my main point:

I drive a Porsche.

Koreans want sooooo much to believe the myth that English teachers in Korea are losers who can't get work in Wakgookinland and have to go to Korea to teach. Then this is where they get twisted: we date Korean women and make as much or more than they do. Oh snap! That must hurt. I have dated an actress, models, and some very attractive barely legal teens.

But I was not an English teacher. I have taught English before, but I am not a teacher. I had professional jobs that were not teaching related. I wore suits to work. If you are clean cut and wear a suit, the Koreans will not treat you the rude way they usually treat us foreigners. It is enervating that one must wear expensive suits to get basic respect from them.

I don't want to talk about this. I was going to post on something else, but I had a flashback.

I have been back almost four weeks now. I am glad to be back and I do miss Korea as well. I am back at the house where I grew up, staying with my parents. My Porsche was in the garage waiting for me. Mom had put boxes on it. I told her not too. It runs like a dream. I will get four new Michelins for it this week. I am going to go on a road trip early next month. Actually, it will be a business trip, but I am going to make it fun.

I hope that some of you reading will leave a few comments about what you are doing and how you are feeling.

Oh yah...I have a new girlfriend. She is an Asian, but not Korean. I wish she was a Korean so she could bring me kimchee and side dishes alot. (Note to self: find Korean girlfriend in California). (Another note to self: one that doesn't work in a massage parlor).

Oh snap!


  1. After all the shit you went through in Korea, why would you actively want another Korean girl? Wouldn't being out of Korea and having a pick of California girls whose origins hail from almost every other country in the world be enough for you to not go back to a Korean girl?

    You gotta reveal the actress' name. Either that, or a show she worked on so we can all speculate.

    Lastly, is this a permanent move, or do you plan on returning to the land of kimchee someday?

  2. Excellent comment and excellent points. I will post on this in a few hours. I will make my response to this a post; I have thought about this a l,ot actually.